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Autism Spectrum Center

Support and services from early diagnosis to vocational training and beyond.
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We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of those affected by autism spectrum disorders.
Autism Spectrum Center
The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center was formed in 2007 to provide support and services to individuals and family members with autism spectrum disorders throughout the lifetime – from early diagnosis and intervention, through pre-vocational and vocational training, to transitional services and beyond.

Spotlight: The Traci Kimball Fund

The Traci Kimball Fund was founded in 2014 after one of our very own parents passed away in 2013. Traci was an energetic source for many parents and you could always find her smiling face at one of our many functions. Her mother carries on her torch as the manager of the fund, as well as making sure her son continues to attend all the events possible! The Traci Fund was specifically designed to help kids from low-income families attend the Central Coast Autism Center’s Camp Expedition, who otherwise could not. In 2016, over $2,500 was scholarshipped from the Traci Fund for 16 kids to attend a true summer camp experience! Let’s hear a big shout out for the donors who helped make this fund possible for the kids!!! If you want to help with the Traci Kimball Fund or find out more details, please contact Kathy Deniz.

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The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center is a California public benefit corporation. Our federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 tax ID number is 26-1666484.